User group spawns home lab how-to community

Open Homelab Project promises to help you build the test rig your boss won't fund

London's VMware user group (VMUG) has spawned a new community dedicated to the design, construction and operation of home labs.

VMUGs are often the scene of discussion about home labs, which VMware folk have in the past suggested are essential for getting ahead now that bosses won't pay for training.

The April 2016 meeting of the London VMUG included a session about home labs, during which participants bemoaned the fact that such discussions don't leave behind a record of the often-useful information they expose.

And thus was Open Homelab Project born.

The Project and its site are unashamedly in an Alpha state, but the group has given itself the laudable aim “to provide people with a single source of information and advice which will help them make decisions on the best homelab solution for them, based on their individual requirements.”

The Alpha site shows the group's direction: it plans how-tos, decision trees to guide builds, security advice and even tips like Managing your Homelab via Xbox or the more practical managing a vSphere home lab without vCenter.

The community is open to all comers, with signup and basic contributor details to be found here.

And while we're here, it would be remiss of us not to mention that we've previously taken peeks into readers' mighty domestic data centres and server-slaying home labs. ®

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