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Atlassian cuts Bamboo from the cloud, lays pipelines into Bitbucket

Saves devs from down-time with mobile JIRA and Confluence...

Atlassian has further cut off developers’ hopes of some peace and quiet by announcing full mobile apps that will plug them into its key platforms.

The announcement came as it kicked off its Atlassian Camp even in Barcelona, where it also announced it was adding pipelining to its cloud-based Bitbucket code repository product, meaning even less time for devs to duck out.

CTO Sri Viswanath – four months into the job at the Aussie-founded, UK-HQ’d, US-listed firm – said faster development cycles meant ever more pressure on development teams, something that all the caffeine in the world would not ultimately solve.

“Do you want to work all night just to stay alive?” he asked. “Working harder is not the solution.”

Part of the solution for devs unhappy with working all night involves mobile apps for Confluence and its flagship JIRA product, giving full access to the platforms. The iOS versions are available now, with Android coming soon.

Over in Bitbucket, head of software teams Jens Schumacher said that while CI was great in theory, many teams struggled to realise it in reality.

By dropping pipelines straight into Bitbucket, he said, there was no need for separate CI servers or to manage users or repositories separately. “Configuration is part of the source code.”

Benefits would include not having to flip between different apps to manage CI, as well as faster feedback, he said … meaning devs can move along on that project even faster.

The move seems to spell the eventual end for Atlassian’s Bamboo tool as a separate cloud-based platform, though it will continue as a server product.

Atlassian president Jay Simons said the pipelining feature would be free of charge during its current beta period. Eventual pricing will be decided when it becomes generally available – the company did not set a date for when this would be.

Other announcements in the conference’s opening session included the opening up of JIRA Service Desk, allowing developers to build add-ons. The program has been dubbed JIRA Service Desk Connect.

At the same time, the vendor has committed to the Open API initiative and open-sourced its RADAR, its API documentation generator.

The vendor also announced it was jacking up the content creation powers of its Confluence collaboration suite with the introduction of Themes, which would be “available soon”.

Meanwhile, HipChat will have extended integration, allowing, for example, Puppet jobs to be kicked off or documents constructed without leaving the environment. ®

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