E-Ink goes full colour

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E Ink holdings, the display-maker best known for providing screens to Amazon.com's Kindle e-readers, has announced a full colour screen.

The company has dubbed the new technology "Advanced Color ePaper (ACeP)" and says it's pulled off the trick by placing "all the colored pigments in every picture element (pixel) rather than the side-by-side pixel colors achieved with a colour filter array."

The colour screens retain previous E Ink displays' low power requirements.

The company says its new toy can display 32,000 colours and it has created 20” displays with a resolution of 1600 X 2500 at 150 ppi to show it off and prove it's a fine fit for the digital signage market.

E Ink usually as a stand at Computex, which takes place in Taiwan next week and will be visited by The Reg. If we see this new display on that stand, we'll let you know. ®

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