Facebook adds new names to Telecom Infra Project

TIP is the iceberg

Facebook's Telecom Infra Project (TIP) has signed up a bunch of carriers and vendors.

The TIP aims to spread the white-box with software-defined control plane approach used by Facebook's Open Compute Project to telco networks.

When it launched back in February, TIP had members and some reference designs from Facebook, Intel and Nokia.

Juniper Networks has decided the TIP fits its increasingly SDN-based approach to markets, and jumped on board.

In this post, Domenic Di Mola, veep for Juniper's packet-optical platform development, explains that packet optical networks remain a closed environment that lacks automation.

Juniper will TIP in [sorry-Ed] designs for an open line system, and a coherent transponder terminal. Along with these, there will be Yang models and an optical abstraction interface (OAI) for programmability and automation.

Juniper's not the only vendor with an eye on TIP's optical networking needs: Acacia Communications, ADVA, Coriant and Lumentum, all packet-optical players, have also signed up.

Silicon vendor Broadcom, HDMI comms specialist Bluestream, and Deloitte are also on the list.

On the carrier side, there's Axiata Digital, Indosat, MTN Group, Telefonica and Vodafone.

TIP has also announced it's created three project groups:

  • Access – with subgroups for system integration and site optimisation (chair: SK Telecom); unbundled solutions (co-chairs: SK Telecom and Nokia); and media-friendly solutions (chair: Intel);
  • Backhaul – Facebook chairs the high-frequency autonomic access subgroup, and co-chairs the open optical packet transport subgroup with Equinix;
  • Core and management – core network optimisation will be chaired by Intel; greenfields telecommunications networks is shared between Facebook, Nokia, and Deutsche Telekom.

Facebook also announced that its Terragraph, ARIES and Open/R connectivity systems will be contributed to TIP at some point in the future. ®

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