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Swedish old timer pulls airsoft gun on broadband salesman

Evidently didn't fancy fast fibre deal

A feisty Swedish sexagenarian earned herself an appearance before the beak for clearly demonstrating that she wasn't interested in fast fibre or pay TV by allegedly pulling what looked like a pistol on a hapless salesman.

She has been arrested and charged with assault. According to the indictment, she admits to pointing an airsoft gun but denies the charge.

The Local reports that a 24-year-old punting a deal from Viasat and telecom outfit Telia unwisely knocked on the 64-year-old's door one evening back in February while she was "enjoying whisky and wine with a friend".

According to documents filed with Gothenburg District Court, the salesman recounted: "I said: 'Hi, my name is XXXX and I'm from Viasat. We are here in cooperation with Telia open fibre.' The woman then says: 'We've already got fibre." Then she slammed the door shut."

While he was kneeling down on the old timer's front step to tick her address off his list, she "re-opened the door, pointing a firearm at his head". The weapon in question was in fact a pellet-firing airsoft gun, but unaware of the fact, the young man took to his heels and "fled to a roof nearby", believing that a pistol-packing pensioner was in pursuit.

The unnamed woman was arrested a couple of hours later, and cops discovered the airsoft gun under her pillow. She was apparently "too drunk to be questioned at the time", but was later able to tell officers: "The bastard remained outside my door. He was sitting on the steps and I went and got my son's airsoft gun. I felt threatened in my situation as a pensioner. He was there on his knees. What business did he have there? I wanted to scare him."

Airsoft weapons are commonly detailed replicas of the real thing, albeit sometimes with an orange barrel tip, to avoid tragic confusion. ®


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