Speaking in Tech: Old wrestlers, billionaires, open source and cloud

Plus: Are people losing patience with Yahoo!?

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It's our weekly tech-cast, this week hosted by Ed Saipetch and Ben Kepes. The cloud duo discusses Yahoo!, the Gawker debacle, the Oracle vs Google smackdown and, of course, Salesforce.

Their special guest this week is Stormy Peters, VP of Developer Relations at Cloud Foundry Foundation

The details…

  • (1:00) Ed live at the Indianapolis Raceway
  • (3:27) Yahoo: The Last Supper
  • (6:00) Thiel vs Gawker
  • (10:40) Google beats Oracle
  • (12:50) Salesforce goes multi-cloud
  • (17:11) FLASHBACK: Milky The Marvelous Milking Cow (1970’s)
  • (17:41) Introducing Stormy Peters, VP of Developer Relations at Cloud Foundry Foundation
  • (20:50) Hedging bets with PaaS
  • (22:35) End of the PaaS wars?
  • (26:00) Digging into the Cloud Foundry Foundation
  • (28:50) The complexity of open source projects
  • (32:03) Managing conflict in the community
  • (35:18) Process and momentum for open source projects
  • (39:10) Benevolent dictators in open source


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