EPO ends news censorship

It was The Reg wot won it: one day after revealing that the European Patent Office (EPO) was blocking access to popular blog IPKat due to an article critical of its reform proposals, the ban has been lifted.

The organization's problems are far from over, however. Staff intends to hold another demonstration against their management's action this week. This time, the demonstration is in response to revised documents covering staff rights and obligations.

The revised documents, seen by The Register, provide – yet again – greater powers to EPO president Benoit Battistelli and fewer rights to everyone else. Permanent employees would effectively be gagged from making any public criticism of the organization or Battistelli ("shall abstain from any act and, in particular, any public expression of opinion which may reflect on the dignity of his office").

Numerous additional powers would also be given to the EPO's controversial investigations unit under the proposed wording. ®

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