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Google's machine learning app can now take over your iPhone

Imagine Siri repeating 'I love Steve Jobs' forever

Google’s TensorFlow machine learning engine is now available on your iPhone and iPad.

The search giant has added support for Apple’s iOS to its TensorFlow 0.9 released candidate, on GitHub.

Support for iOS follows earlier backing for the framework on Google’s own Android smart phone operating system.

Other changes for TensorFlow 0.9 include support for Python 3.5 binaries and added support for processing on GPUs on MacOS.

TensorFlow is Google’s machine-learning library for numerical computing using data flow graphs, released late last year by Google under an Apache 2.0 license.

It’s the successor to DistBelief, the deep learning neural network Google used to sift for Gmail for spam and sort videos on YouTube for specific videos.

Google reckons TensorFlor will run on anything from a smartphone or single CPU system up to a data centre and has asked developers to build simplified wrapper and interface generator (SWIG) interfaces for Go, Java, Lua, Javascript and R. ®

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