France POPs €800k fine on 'illegal taxi service' Uber's windshield

For the first time, execs were on trial too

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Uber has been slapped with a €800k fine by a French court today for its illegal POP taxi service.

POP was suspended by Uber last year after the French government banned it after receiving pressure from licensed taxi drivers. Initially a French court bounced the decision upwards, but there the bouncing stopped, with Uber told to BTFO by the courts.

Today Uber has been fined €800,000, reported Reuters, although half of this fine has been suspended.

Two executives, Pierre-Dimitri Gore-Coty, Uber's EMEA director, and Thibaud Simphal, the company's national manager in France, were additionally given smaller fines after being found guilty of "deceptive commercial practices and being accomplices in operating an illegal transportation service". Gore-Coty was fined €30,000 and Simphal €20,000 – with half of their fines also being suspended.

The court case follows another last year in which Uber was fined €50,000 for deceptive advertising for claims it was legal. The firm appealed the ruling, only to meet with an appeals court judge who decided to up the fine to €100,000.

Uber previously filed an official complaint about France to the European Commission, which has yet to rule on the business of ruling on the business. ®


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