Emacs gets Haskell IDE

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A group of Githubbers who use Haskell in commercial settings have put together the Emacs integration, dubbed Intero for Emacs.

At Github here and with its own site here, the package is compatible with GHC (Glasgow Haskell Compiler) 8.0.1, GHC 7.10.3, GHC 7.10.2, and GHC 7.8.4.

Stack is a requirement.

Features include on-the-fly type checking, and projects can each run their own GHC or LTS version.

The Commercial Haskell group's Company package is included out-of-the box to provide auto-complete using locally-declared identifiers, identifiers in the module, or imported into the module.

And it's purely coincidence* that fairly soon after John Wiegley went to a Haskell conference and went home lead maintainer of Emacs, that Haskell should get its first full Emacs IDE, right? ®

*Bootnote: It was a joke. ®


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