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Austrians are most likely to bare all on beaches

While prudish Italians run scared of budgie-smugglers

It is official: Austrians are the most likely to get their kit off on the beach this summer.

The country’s politics might be right of centre but clearly a vein of liberalism still exists in the Republic, even if it's related to tanning your hidden bits in public.

Or so claims a survey by travel website, which polled 11,000 adults from 24 countries including the UK, US, Brazil, Spain and France.

It found some 76 per cent of the 400 Austrians questioned had no issues with going topless or disrobing entirely, four per cent more than their German cousins.

Forty per cent of Austrian women had lounged on the sand without a bikini top and 28 per cent of men had no problem revealing their wedding tackle.

Ten per cent of the country’s men polled said they’d rather go nude than wear budgie smugglers, though perhaps more disconcertingly, 65 per cent saw speedos as “adequate swimwear”.

As a land locked country, Austrians will only be able to nude-bathe by one of the many lakes across the nation, or be forced to export their nudity overseas.

So which country, you might ask, is the most shy when it comes to displaying their bods on the beach? The Brits are a shoo in, surely? Nope. It's the Italians.

Around 71 per cent of Italians said they wouldn’t feel comfortable even sitting next to someone in their birthday suit, never mind getting naked themselves. Who’d have thunk it? ®


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