Cisco startup investment

Cisco has invested an undisclosed amount in storage software startup Elastifile.

Elastifile is an Israeli startup, founded in 2014, and developing scale-out software to run all-flash arrays to provide enterprise-class file, block and object storage. The software will, we’re told, seamlessly extend file systems across on-premises and cloud deployments, and scale out to hundreds and thousands of (server-based) nodes.

Elastifile completed, we understand, a $35m B-round of funding in January, taking total funding to $44m. Cisco apparently took notice of this and wanted a piece of the action too. So Elastifile has announced a strategic investment by the UCS server shipper.

Cisco has previously invested in hyper-converged software supplier Springpath, whose software is inside Cisco’s HyperFlex hyper-converged product. We’re guessing an amount around $10m or so. ®

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