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Safari 10 dumps Flash, Java, Silverlight, QuickTime in the trash

Decaying flesh dropping off the Web's zombie plugins

Apple has taken its turn at the hammer, and added its own i-Nail to the coffin of Flash.

Over at the Webkit blog, Ricky Mondello of the Safari team writes that Safari 10, due in the northern fall, will “behave as though common legacy plug-ins on users’ Macs are not installed”.

Instead, it will try to default to HTML5 for content like video, and Safari will not ship with an exception list. If a site only offers Flash, the user will have to explicitly switch it on for that site and add it to their own exception lists.

Java, Silverlight and QuickTime are also on the Safari 10 end-of-life list, which along with why-are-you-still-using Flash are going to be excluded from the as-shipped navigator.plugins and navigator.mimeTypes files.

The click-to-use button that users will get instead will offer the familiar choice between “once” and “forever” for that plugin on that site.

The post suggests developers start getting ready for the change by running up the macOS Sierra release (here). Safari 10 El Capitan and Yosemite betas will arrive sometime after December.

For enterprise admins, Safari 10 will retain support for enterprise policies on a Website-by-Website basis, so you won't have to field “how do I run this?” calls from individual users. ®

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