Lester Haines: RIP

Register Special Projects Bureau chief dies aged 55

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It is with incredible sadness that El Reg must report that Lester Haines, one of our finest story-tellers and an all-round good bloke, passed away on Monday. We have published his obituary, The Life and Times of Lester Haines.

Lester, who was 55, died of a heart attack at his home in Spain. He will be cremated on Friday 17 June.

Readers will know Lester for his biting wit, his piloting of the Special Projects Bureau – including the PARIS and LOHAN projects – and his wonderful recreations of real-world events through the medium of PlayMobil.

Lester joined The Register in 2000 to manage merchandising and photography but grabbed the nearest laptop and wrote his first article in September that year, about one of our own defecting to the dark side – or PR, as it is otherwise known.

Among the 7,300 stories Lester produced for El Reg were regular features including Logo Watch, Strategy Boutique, Rise of the Machines, and Flame of the Week.

In time, we'll take a longer look at Lester's contributions over the years. You can read his

For now, let’s all raise a glass to Lester. Thanks mate, it’s been emotional and a lot of fun. Rest in peace. ®


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