Start massaging your wallet: DDN buffs up EXAScaler Lustre HPC storage rig

ES14K can be all flash or a disk-flash combo and has Intel SW inside

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ISC DataDirect Networks' ES14K is claimed to be four times faster than other suppliers' laggardly Lustre kit.

The ExaScaler ES14K comes in all-flash and hybrid flash/disk configurations and features:

  • Embedded Intel Enterprise Edition Lustre parallel file system v2.7
  • Up to 500GB/sec throughput
  • Internal PCIe gen 3 fabric providing latencies as low as 100μs
  • Up to 7+TB capacity in a rack and scaling to two racks and 14+PB
  • Management and monitoring interfaces
  • Optimised mixed and parallel IO performance

The company introduced an upgraded MediaScaler in April, and its Spectrum Scale (GPFS)-using GridScaler to the GS14K model in March. The ES14K is the equivalent upgrade in the ExaScaler line.

DDN claims the ES14K has up to 2x more capacity per rack than its competitors, and delivers the the best price/performance in the industry. Seagate has a competing ClusterStor array.

There is integrated support from DDN and Intel. See it at the International Supercomputing Conference (ISC), booth #1010, in Frankfurt, Germany July 19-23, 2016. There is no pricing and availability information available, but it's bound to cost an arm and a (Lustre) leg. ®


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