You're not cool unless you have an app store, apparently. So Docker's building one

Container Hub-plus enters private beta

DockerCon Docker is sprucing up its container repositories website with fancy steel architecture and floor-to-ceiling plate glass windows to create a corporate-friendly online store.

The San Francisco-based startup has gathered more than 100,000 free and open-source applications and services for its Docker Hub from which you can download and run software with a single command. That's already available and has been for a while.

Now it's going to open the Docker Store, a web bazaar that will host a mix of free and commercial packages provided by outside publishers.

Container images uploaded to the store will be scanned for known security vulnerabilities in their dependencies, and their open-source license usage will be checked, if appropriate. Docker will also validate the construction of the images to establish a baseline level of quality for the wares on its cyber-shelves.

This is supposed to give peace of mind to enterprises and people using Docker to manage commercial software. The store also gives software makers the opportunity to supply and distribute their containerized code, free or otherwise, from an official Docker-approved marketplace.

The online shop is available as a private beta: you have to be accepted into the program to try it out. To apply or to sign up as a publisher, click here. ®

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