Neustar to split in two

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Information services company Neustar will split into two separate public companies, it announced Tuesday.

The split will see its current security, marketing and related data services put into one company and its traditional order management and numbering services in another.

Current CEO Lisa Hook will run the first, and current CFO Paul Lalljie will become CEO of the second. The board will split its members between the two and new staff and board members will be announced soon.

Neustar lost a critical contract last year, representing half its revenues, when the FCC voted unanimously to move the NAPM (North American Portability Management) contract to Ericsson. It sued the FCC and now the earliest the contract will end is September 30.

In seeking to move away from just the NAPM contract into marketing and internet technologies, Neustar has increasingly become two companies with two different cultures. The proposed split recognizes that reality. ®


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