Wanted: New cloudy head for UK.gov. 37 hour week, £90k salary

Digi Marketplace director role looks so arduous. Any takers? Bueller?

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The UK government is hiring a Digital Marketplace director who will pocket £90,000 a year with a budget of £3.9m to lead a team of 38 digi procurement bods.

The Digital Marketplace is intended to be provide an online portal for various digital government procurement departments to buy new code. The director will also be responsible for the G-Cloud, the primary framework on the portal which is intended to remove the barriers of entry for cloudy SMEs seeking to do business with with .gov domains.

However, last week G-Cloud pioneer Kate Craig-Wood slammed the framework as "dying" after her company Memset had failed to win any business since 2013.

The new hire will also be accountable for helping central government meet its target to push 33 per cent of its £45bn spend through SMEs by 2020 - a target about which the National Audit Office has remained sceptical about.

The appointment of a new cloudy leader follows the departure of long-standing head Tony Singleton earlier this year. Since then, Warren Smith, head of strategy and commissioning at the Digital Commercial Programme, has been acting as interim replacement.

Part of the job description is to also be responsible for developing procurement frameworks around the GOV.UK Verify programme and Digital Training and Support frameworks.

The post is a fixed term contract lasting two years and requires 37 hours per week.

For those interested, the ad closes on 4 July. ®


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