Oz 'gifted education' program pitching WiFi, vax scare stories

Victoria's Dept of Education vetting questioned

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An educational support group attacked for anti-vaccination views is also a fierce opponent of WiFi in schools.

The group WiseOnes delivers programs for gifted students in 30 Victorian high schools, but it seems that state's Department of Education vetting didn't pick up its unscientific views about vaccination or WiFi.

Fairfax outlet The Age writes that the group posted and then removed an anti-vaccination article, which Wayback caught here.

Its anti-vax stance is that gifted children's extra brain connections give them “sensitivities that allow them to learn so fast and the downside is allergic reactions”.

Its anti-WiFi post points to “a lot of scientific info in one place”, at www.australianbiophysics.org, a site registered to WiseOnes' Pat Slattery.

Both sites cite the ABC's pop-sci program Catalyst as a source for the dangers of WiFi. That program, sensationally called “Wi-Fried”, was later dissected by the same broadcaster's Media Watch, here.

As The Age notes, “The case raises serious questions about the lack of vetting in schools concerning third parties who are contracted to deliver educational programs”. ®


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