Queensland creep cops charged with snooping through police records

Aussie bikini model had file accessed 1,435 times

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Police in the northern Australian state of Queensland have been busted accessing citizens' police files a huge number of times, in some cases without authorisation.

The breaches include the accessing of a bikini model and social justice warrior's QPrime database file some 1,435 times.

Former Miss Bikini World contestant Renee Eaves previously won a case against a police officer for unlawful arrest, in which allegations of stalking and persistent traffic stops surfaced.

39-year-old Eaves will take action against 1,000 Queensland Police officers.

She lodged a freedom of information request which revealed her file had been accessed 1,435 times since 2006. Police would ordinarily access such a file less than 50 times over that period, Eaves alleges.

A traffic stop in 2004 triggered harassment from one constable who stopped her up to 20 times in the ensuing two years, she says.

A second incident involved a 47 year-old serving police sergeant who was charged with three counts of hacking, three counts of misconduct in public office, and unlawfully accessing the QPrime database.

The state's Crime and Corruption Commission did not comment on the case, which is currently before the courts. The unnamed officer will appear in the Brisbane Magistrates' Court on 18 July.

Three police employees in the state have been charged with misconduct offences for alleged unlawfully accessing QPrime in March and May – and include one who tapped the database to research people he met in online dating. ®


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