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NVMe fabric array flasher gets top Tosh flash

Apeiron certifies unannounced Toshiba NVMe SSDs

Toshiba has quietly made 1.6TB and 3.2TB dual-port ZD6000 NVMe SSDs available to OEMs, and we know this because Apeiron says it has certified them.

Apeiron is a startup building an all-flash array linking to hosts across NVMe-over-fabric links. The idea is to use NVMe end-to-end with RDMA over Ethernet used to move data faster than via iSCSI or Fibre Channel IO stacks. This provides array access at generally the same speed as a locally connected SSD.

In fact, Apeiron claims performance is actually superior to internal PCIe-connected drives. Apeiron's ADS1000 product is able to use any commercially available NVMe SSD (which Apeiron certifies.) Toshiba becomes the fourth certified supplier after, we understand, Intel, Micron and Samsung.

Apeiron says higher Toshiba NVMe SSD capacities are coming later this year. Step forward 7.2TB and 14.4TB – if doubling is what's coming.

X-IO's Axellio also uses Toshiba's ZD6000 SSDs. ®

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