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Things ain't what they used to be... Find out how at The Reg Lecture

IoT prof will open your mind, and maybe even connect it

However it might look today, the world is not actually full of dumb, inanimate objects. Things might not be alive, but they are certainly digital, and this has profound implications for all of us.

That's why on July 5, IBM inventor and Newcastle Uni visiting prof Andy Stanford-Clark will be joining The Register to explain what the Internet of Things really means for your job, for your home, for society in general, and the Isle of Wight ferry service. We’re talking everything from smart cities, down to your increasingly digital living room.

Andy doesn’t just theorise about the Internet of Things. He’s played a major part in getting it up and running in the first place, as one of the developers of MQTT, the protocol that underpins a large part of what we’re now calling the internet of things. When he’s wearing his IBM hat, he’s based at Big Blue’s Hursley Park R&D lab, the very same place that this writer emptied his brain before controlling a remote controlled car while being barraged with IoT enabled nerfs.

The talk will be at the Yorkshire Grey on Theobalds Road, London. The doors will be open from 6pm, with the talk proper kicking off at 7pm. And yes, there’ll be refreshments, both liquid and solid, on hand. Buy tickets here.

Our speaker will give you a 40 minute dive into the topic at hand, with at least the same amount of time for questions. After a suitable break for refreshments of course. And there’ll be plenty of time to quiz Andy after the main talk, and to connect with your fellow Reg readers before and after.

It’s the perfect way to exercise the grey matter and work your social and intellectual muscles before schools break up and the BBQ season kicks off. We look forward to seeing you there. ®

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