Brit startup adds intelligent search to Amazon storage

Real-time access to public cloud storage

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A UK cloud storage provider can backup documents, audio and video files to give you real-time access to your files using content-based search as well as video and image streaming.

Zoolz is the company and Zoolz Intelligent is its developing cloud product. This will be provided alongside the existing Zoolz Home and Zoolz Business cloud backup services. The company was founded in 2010 and is based in London.

Once content is in the Zoolz Intelligent Cloud (ZIC), you can locate a file, for example, by entering a word or phrase. The search results will, if successful, show you the sentence it’s used in. ZIC has built-in OCR (optical character recognition), which means scanned documents, and words in images, can be converted into text and so made content-searchable.

If ZIC is tasked with uploading a video or audio file then these can be streamed on demand, because ZI combines instant (Amazon S3) and cold storage (Amazon Glacier). Glacier is Amazon's archival cloud storage with a low price and slow retrieval time. You could upload a 4K video and the ZI technology will transcode the file, create an optimised version for streaming, while storing the original on Cold Storage. Users can get a frame-by-frame preview, and share videos to any computer, tablet or smartphone.

When an image or video is uploaded to ZIC, metadata is generated and searches can be run on quality, camera type, location, date, size, footage length or by dominant colour in photographs.

ZIC seems a neat piece of tech for getting you the low-cost and elastic storage benefits of Amazon storage and content-based search facilities. ®


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