Now Intel swings axe at sales, marketing peeps

Top buyers like Lenovo and Acer told to deal directly with Cali mothership

Intel has turned its axe on sales and marketing staff as part of its ongoing workforce decimation.

In April, Chipzilla announced it will lay off 12,000 employees worldwide – roughly one in ten of its 107,000 staffers – over the coming months as it weans itself off the dwindling desktop computer market. People working on doomed product lines – such as its Atom mobile processors – were among the first to be let go.

Now we've heard it's the turn of Intel's sales and marketing bods in its distribution channel operation, with the cuts hitting globally.

A spokesperson for the Santa Clara, California-based biz told us it is focused on shifting away from desktop CPUs, adding:

To support our transformation, we are restructuring our sales organization to drive tighter alignment with Intel’s business units and fuel our growth engines. Customers can expect to see more specialized technical support, faster decision making, and streamlined processes with a strong focus on enabling a consistent and personalized customer experience.

Intel would not confirm how many staffers out of the 12,000 total will lose their jobs in this latest round of cuts. Chiphead newspaper DigiTimes reckons the axe will swing by the end of this month.

Intel offices around the world will also, we're told, report directly to the US headquarters rather than to their nearest regional head office. Big processor buyers, such as China-based Lenovo and Taiwan's Acer, will also deal direct with teams in California from now on. ®

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