NSW Education system fail: price rises, delivery slips, AGAIN

AU$750 million for LMBR – IF it can be finished by end of 2017

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NSW TAFE might have canned the enrolment system imposed on it under the state's disastrous Department of Education IT project, but the rest of the system grinds on.

The department now says the troubled Learning and Business Management Reform project won't be complete until the end of 2017, by which time it will pass AU$750 million in cost.

The $380 $480 $573 $597 million three-quarters of a billion that the department has sunk into the project has delivered it to 400 of the state's schools. NSW TAFE is in the process of disentangling its enrolments from LMBR after two years of crisis.

The Department of Education's statement came after the state government released its budget, and is accompanied by the usual political finger-pointing. The government is blaming the previous Labor government for the problems, while the opposition reckons the Baird government has had the wheel for long enough to pull the department into line. ®

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