Speaking in Tech: Techcast on Brexit 'You can't argue with people'

Plus: Dockercon nerds, bimodal silos, Twitter airport hijinks and more


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This week on our tech chatfest, Sarah Vela, Ed Saipetch and Amy Lewis dish on Brexit, Obama and Theranos. Our special guest this week is Mark Thiele from Apcera.

The details...

  • (1:00) Eddie Spinach returns and Amy bounces back from Dockercon
  • (4:42) Brexit bananas
  • (9:33) Lee Caswell leaves NetApp (yawn)
  • (11:59) Pitching Obama
  • (16:07) Draper pumps Theranos
  • (18:13) US Customs: Your Twitter handle please
  • (21:31) FLASHBACK: 1970’s anti-cable commercial
  • (22:17) Mark Thiele returns to the podcast
  • (24:45) Jumping into Apcera and containers in production
  • (28:11) Nerding out at Dockercon
  • (34:02) Organizational gaps in IT
  • (38:38) Bimodal silos
  • (43:47) Books vs Experience

Listen with the Reg player below, or download here.

Speaking in Tech: Episode 217

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