Man sues YET AGAIN for chance to marry his computer

You may now kiss the C:\ drive

A Tennessee man is suing Utah because, like the rest of America, it won't let him marry his computer.

Chris Sevier has previously complained that Apple let him become addicted to porn; now he wants to “go legal” with the love of his life.

In a leap of logic that gave El Reg a side-eye headache, he's also miffed that he can't marry his computer when gay couples are allowed to tie the knot.

The Provo Daily Herald reports it's his second screwball sueball on the same topic in that state (in addition to others).

Earlier this year, Sevier dropped a similar case in Utah. From Kentucky, he told the Daily Herald he's planning to file a similar suit against Rowan County county clerk Kim Davis.

He told the newspaper his pornography addiction is why he wants to get into a novel format with a C:/ drive: “I became classically conditioned to prefer sex with an inanimate object as a result and now want to marry an inanimate object that is gender neutral.”

Utah county clerk Brian Thompson told the newspaper “nothing surprises me any more”. ®

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