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Linux cloudy tie ups: SUSE and Microsoft, Canonical and Pivotal

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It's a big week for Linux cloud tie-ups, with SUSE and Microsoft expanding their partnership, and Canonical becoming Pivotal's preferred operating system in Cloud Foundry.

In the SUSE/Microsoft deal, the Linux outfit joins two Redmond programs: the Microsoft Enterprise Cloud Alliance, and the its test drive program.

The latter will be interesting to supercomputing geeks, because Azure customers will be able to try out SUSE's HPC Edition on Redmond's cloud.

The HPC offering includes Intel's Message Passing Interface (MPI) packages, and access to an Infiniband back end via Remote Direct Memory Access (RDMA).

The test drive uses SUSE Studio to create the images, and SUSE Manager, which is integrated with Microsoft Systems Center to manage the Linux Vms. SUSE's canned statement is here.

VMWare spinout Pivotal and Ubuntu master Canonical have worked together for years, so their tie-up is really about formalising their relationship.

They will be providing secure, certified Ubuntu images in Cloud Foundry, with upgrades and security patches automated so users don't have to worry about them. Unbuntu will also be providing support for its users on Cloud Foundry. ®

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