Linux 4.7 delayed

Linus Torvalds' travel plans mean version 4.7 of the Linux kernel will be delayed by a week.

“We've had a nicely calm week, which is what I expected - the last rc really was bigger just due to random timing issues, and not some worrying pattern about this release cycle,” Torvalds wrote on Sunday.”

“Anyway, there's a couple of regressions still being looked at, but unless anything odd happens, this is going to be the last rc. However, due to my travel schedule, I won't be doing the final 4.7 next weekend, and people will have two weeks to report (and fix) any remaining bugs.”

Torvalds reckons his plans mean devs have a “BONUS WEEK” [his caps - Ed] in which they can make sure Linux 4.7 scrubs up extra-pretty. ®

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