4-day Fasthosts outage: Customers' sites go TITSUP

Ouch - online bookings take punch to wallet

Hosting provider Fasthosts has been hit with an outage lasting four days, which has knocked some customers' sites offline due a number of its cloudy services being out of action.

According to the Gloucester-based provider's service update page: "Over the weekend one of our platform specialists, in conjunction with Dell and Microsoft, identified the root cause of this issue." However, the status page records the problem as first beginning on Thursday at 11:44am.

"A process to resolve and restore the remaining affected servers to service is underway. Due to this involving a large storage migration it is being staged to mitigate additional strain on the rest of the platform," it said.

"Our Systems team will be reviewing the progress of this procedure and we will be able to provide further information when it becomes available," it said.

One customer got in touch to complain about the impact the outage was having on his clients' revenues, hitting bottom lines by knocking out their online booking systems.

"It's amazing that it is still down, particularly as this is not a cheap service we are using. All they are offering is a day's free hosting for every hour outage - but only up to a month free - so that’s £60."

Other customers complained on Twitter:

The Register has contacted Fasthosts for a comment. ®

Updated at 12.20pm to add: Simon Yeoman, general manager at Fasthosts, said: "Firstly please allow me to take the opportunity to emphasise our sincere apologies to any of our customers that have been affected by this outage. Although it has only impacted a very small proportion of our Virtual Cloud Server customers we understand the inconvenience caused by issues of this nature."

He said the company's engineers "have been working tirelessly around the clock" to ensure this issue is fully resolved.

He added: "Once normal levels of service have resumed and we understand the root cause along with any next steps required to ensure we avoid a repeat occurrence, we will provide an update to all affected customers."

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