Microsoft adds a little badda Bing to Project Oxford AI tools

Image and speech APIs pulled together under new name, Cognitive Services

Microsoft has taken its Project Oxford suite of machine intelligence tools and merged it with other software interfaces to form a new package: Cognitive Services.

Launched in May 2015, Project Oxford offered face recognition, and speech and image processing. It was highlighted in CEO Satya Nadella's talk at the Build conference in March that year.

Now the software has been moved under a new brand called Cognitive Services, which includes Microsoft's Bing and Translator APIs. "Microsoft Cognitive Services collection is new, not a rebrand of Project Oxford, as we are bringing together Bing, Oxford and Translator APIs," the tech giant explained.

The combined Cognitive Services APIs include Emotion (comparing facial expressions), Entity Linking (a textual analysis function), Face (facial recognition), Linguistic Analysis, Speaker Recognition, Speech (speech to text), Video (video processing), Vision (vision analysis) and WebLM (an SDK for the Web Language Model).

Microsoft has published preview pricing for Cognitive Services. Some services are free but with a limit on the number of transactions per month; others already have a price-per-transaction as well as the free offering. ®

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