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Docker Cloud under fire after DDoS attacks slam DNS, knacker websites

Container biz blames downtime on traffic flood

Updated Websites running on the Docker Cloud hosted container management and deployment service were taken down by an apparent DNS outage on Monday.

Reg readers and Docker Cloud support forum members complained today that their services were down or suffering intermittent outages with little explanation from Docker.

One angry user got in touch with us to lambast the San Francisco startup's customer support.

"The DNS service has now been intermittently online and offline for over a day. All this from a company supposedly worth millions," he said.

"We've got a thread ongoing in the forums but we've had limited response from Docker staff. For nearly three hours the status page said everything was fine."

On the message board, ziontech, with 20 sites running on Docker Cloud, wrote: "All my endpoints have gone down, DNS resolution is failing, is there an issue with these right now?"

Docker was criticized for relying on users to keep each other updated on its systems' operations.

Docker Cloud is the Docker hosting service from Tutum, which Docker bought in October 2015. The purchase price was not disclosed.

The Reg has asked Docker for comment and will update this piece with any response. We note that the Docker system status page was updated to read: "We have identified an unusual high load on our DNS servers that is causing some lookups to fail. We are scaling up and investigating the source of the traffic." ®

Updated to add

A spokesman for Docker has been in touch to say its DNS infrastructure was flooded offline with junk traffic, resulting in outages for customers:

Docker Cloud did experience an outage yesterday due to two Distributed Denial of Service attacks on the DNS. Service was restored yesterday and things are completely back to normal.

Docker provided updates via the forums within an hour after the outage was discovered, which was as soon as possible based on the information they had, and continued doing so throughout the day. They also continuously updated the status at

Docker has taken corrective measures to ensure this situation does not occur in the future, and, most importantly, has taken steps to ensure that user applications will not be affected in the event that Docker Cloud experiences another outage.

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