Envy NVMe? Mangstor flashes $5m cash to bulk up array line

NVMe over fabrics flasher finds fund

The NVMe-over-fabrics flash array startup Mangstor has had a $5m funding round.

The company connects NVMe flash drives in its NX array to access servers using an NVMe over Fabrics link for access that is practically as fast as accessing local flash drives. It recently added a burst buffer capability to speed data access further.

Mangstor was founded in 2011 and received $5m funding in 2013, another $5m in 2014 in what was a multi-part A-round, $10m in a B-round, and now, according to an SEC filing, another $5m in a Series B Preferred Stock Financing exercise. Total funding is now $25m, not a lot in the general scheme of things for a hardware startup.

We don't know who provided the cash but one of the named people on the SEC filing is Vivek Mohindra, a partner at New Science Ventures and a Mangstor director. Mangstor is listed as a New Science Ventures funded company. We have been so far unable to find out from Mangstor what the funds will be used for.

The company is fighting to establish NVMe over Fabrics flash arrays as a viable high-speed external data storage product category along with EMC's DSSD, E8, Excelero and also Apeiron which uses NVMe flash drives but ASIC-assisted Ethernet instead of NVMe over Fabrics. Kaminario, Pure Storage and Tegile are also looking at NVMeF technology. ®

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