Ex-CTO: Yes, Nutanix is buying PernixData

Standalone VMware cacher's dream is over

Exclusive PernixData's outgoing CTO and technology evangelist Frank Denneman says Nutanix has bought PernixData.

Sources told us earlier this month that Nutanix was gobbling up Pernix, but neither company would confirm an acquisition was underway.

Denneman has now told El Reg he has left PernixData, adding: "Nutanix has acquired Pernix." He did not see a good role for himself in the combined company.

There are views that the cultural fit between the two companies is not obvious and any gap will need bridging.

The integration of Pernix's FVP caching and Architect data management offerings into the multi-hypervisor Nutanix product set will be of great interest going forward, as will the integration of the engineering teams and other people and offices.

European spokespeople at Pernix and Nutanix were not available for comment at time of publication. ®

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