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Prometheus 1.0 rises

The Cloud Native Computing Foundation's second project, Prometheus, has hit version 1.0.

Prometheus is a white box monitoring tool designed to simultaneously monitor lots of different parts of the stack making up a cloud-native application.

That's important, explains core Prometheus developer and SoundCloud engineer Björn Rabenstein, because “Prometheus’s ability to monitor different layers in the cloud native stack with the same semantics is vital, as it can alleviate some of the complications throughout the stack.”

“For example, Prometheus helps to understand what’s going on in complex microservice setups, which is hard to accomplish using conventional monitoring approaches.”

Rabenstein speaks from experience, because SoundCloud has used Prometheus since 2013. The project debuted on GitHub in 2012. The project team plans to keep it open source and already has plans for version 1.x and beyond. ®

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