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Spectra Logic preserves black pearls in Amazon's deep freeze

Your cryptic storage crossword clue of the day

Spectra Logic has added direct archive to Amazon's S3-accessed public cloud from its BlackPearl object storage gateway.

Spectra is a tape storage company that has been and is evolving into a more general nearline and archive storage supplier encompassing on-premises object storage, tape and nearline disk media, and Amazon's public cloud. It provided asynchronous replication to Amazon's cloud with its Glacier service back in April.

The BlackPearl product can now integrate directly with Amazon's Simple Storage Service (S3) standard, and automatically restore data archived to Glacier and Infrequent Access.

Spectra CTO Matt Starr says: "Public cloud works best when a disaster recovery copy is needed; when wide data distribution is called for; to create geographic dispersion of data; and when other cloud-based features can be leveraged, such as automatic transcoding."

Quantum's competing StorNext multi-tier product set supports Quantum's own Q-Cloud as its public cloud storage tier.

BlackPearl with direct archive to Amazon public cloud will be available in August 2016. ®

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