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ClusterStor is clearly alive (but Havant's still closing) – Seagate VP

Ken Claffey clarifies ClusterStor after PR 'no comment' snafu

Seagate's ClusterStor arrays do have a future, despite the company's PR side refusing to answer a direct question about them.

After Seagate spokespeople declined to comment on the matter, Ken Claffey, veep and general manager of the company's SSG unit got in touch.

He had this to say about the Havant factory closure in the UK: "At this stage it is a proposed closure and we are working with the local stakeholders, especially employees through a period of consultation. As I am sure you can appreciate, it's a delicate process and any 'no comment' you may have received was in respect of that process."

ClusterStor's future will not be affected by Havant's shut-down: "In that context, the proposed closure would not affect the future of ClusterStor, which is not in any doubt. On the contrary, the business has scaled beyond Havant since the Seagate acquisition some two years ago, we have been able to take advantage of the manufacturing scale and investment that Seagate brings such that ClusterStor is now manufactured and supported out of multiple Seagate facilities with an ever larger global development team."

Seagate says it is doing very well with ClusterStor: "We are really now the leaders in HPC with Seagate now powering some 40 per cent of the top ten HPC systems and indeed 100 per cent of the new systems added to the Top Ten this year... that's four times as many as our nearest competitor."

We understand DDN Storage is its main competitor and may want to dispute the leadership claim. ®

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