EMC insiders say Salesforce has ordered $75m of its kit

Forget AWS (sort of): We've still got skin in the game

EMC landed a punch on behalf of tech's old guard after it won a $75m deal to furnish Salesforce with shiny new on-premises storage hardware, sources have claimed.

Salesforce last month took infrastructure services away from its cloud server staff and put them into the hands of AWS in a contract valued at $400m.

But company insiders are talking up the relationship between the storage titan, soon to be assimilated by Dell, and Salesforce.

“Any talk of Salesforce.com aggressively pursuing AWS is a lot of hoo-ha for the time being,” one told us.

El Reg understands the order included 120 new VMWAX arrays, which are mostly all-flash with a few SAS, along with 50 DataDomain 9500s.

“The deal came in very late in the quarter and depleted inventory for common parts,” a source added.

EMC told us it was unable to comment and Salesforce has yet to respond. ®

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