Mesos 1.0 is a Docker rocker

The battle between the Mesos and Kubernetes tools for managing applications on modern clusters continues to heat up, with the former reaching its milestone 1.0 with a “universal containerizer” feature that supports native Docker container formats and a shiny new API stack that is a lot more friendly and flexible than the manner in which APIs are implemented in systems management software these days.

Ultimately, something has to be in control of the clusters and divvy up scarce resources to hungry applications, and there has been an epic battle shaping up between Mesos, Kubernetes, and OpenStack.

Mesos is the open source cluster management tool that heralds from the University of California at Berkeley’s AMPLab, which also gave the world the Spark in-memory processing framework and which in fact created Mesos originally to provide cluster management for Spark setups and which was inspired, in part, by the Borg and Omega cluster managers used internally at search engine giant Google.

Kubernetes is an open source project that was founded by Google precisely to bring some of the ideas behind Borg to the world, and it is, in many ways, the main competition that Mesos sees these days.

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