Salesforce's data-losing NA14 instance is still a bit naughty

It's up and down like the Assyrian Empire! Or at least rather wobbly's troubled NA14 instance has had another brownout, by our count the third in recent weeks.

You might remember the N14 instance because it lost data back in May, after an exotic series of failures that led to an eleven-hour outage.

Now the instance is wobbling again: Salesforce reported that on Wednesday the instance suffered “inefficient requests, which created resource contention” and led to “intermittent errors when accessing the Salesforce application.”

Wobble-time was only 39 minutes, but this incident comes after the same problems caused a 21-minute wobble on July 21 and a different problem led to a two-hour “performance degradation” issue on June 21. The latter incident came about as a result of scheduled maintenance, which clearly didn't go entirely as planned.

Salesforce's ”Trust” page records performance of all its instances and while a few have short problems from time to time, the NA14 instance is comfortably among the most-wobbly. Plenty of other instances punch out week after week of uninterrupted uptime. But not NA 14

Might that repair job that got NA14 back on its feet still have a few kinks to iron out? ®

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