French data wrangler Talend has done it: Voila, it's a tech IPO

Cet article est également livré avec un peu de Français

Big data upstart Talend rang the bell to open the Nasdaq at 9.30am today in New York City – as the company makes one of the few initial public offerings (IPOs) this year.

The data integration business was founded in France in 2005, and although its headquarters are in Redwood City, California, the company is listing on the Nasdaq as a French one.

It's offering 5.3m shares at $18 – above the range of $15-17 previously given – and is listed under the ticker TLND. At the moment, its money-wonks are fiddling between buyers and sellers to get the books paired.

Speaking to The Register as his colleagues tried to get the ball rolling, Ashley Stirrup, Talend's CMO, said the IPO was arriving in good circumstances: "Subscription revenues are growing at 40 per cent, we're cash-flow positive, and so we didn't need the money from this."

After what he considered a successful pre-IPO roadshow, Stirrup was pleased with the above-range price of $18 that the board took to its investors.

"We want to see the stock perform," said Stirrup, who describes himself as a Silicon Valley veteran and states that he's delighted to see a French company do so well, winning in France, in Europe, and now the USA as part of its global strategy.

"I'm really impressed by the quality of French engineers," added Stirrup, who admitted he gets "so excited to be seeing companies become data-driven." ®

Ici, à The Register nous aussi nous sommes heureux de voir une entreprise de technologie française bien faire, et bienvenue à nos suzerains post-Brexit. Nous sommes également très friands de leurs nombreux fromages. [Editor's Note: This translation was made by the bloke who tries to sell watches to members of the office, we did it so he would go away, we accept no liability for it being criminally inaccurate.]

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