ChakraCore gets Linux, OS X

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Last week, Microsoft has dropped the next piece of ChakraCore with Linux and OS X builds of the interpreter and runtime.

The engine behind the company's Edge browser has been open source since January, but so far only on Windows.

As Redmond's Limin Zhu and Arunesh Chandra explain at the Windows blog, having ChakraCore available on all three platforms is about cross-platform development, including backwards compatibility so people who've been working in the existing Windows environment don't have to rewrite their code.

The release also includes Microsoft's first shot at running Node-ChakraCore on Linux, here.

The Linux development effort focuses on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, while Mac users are supported from OS X 10.9 onwards.

Next to come, the post says, will be full feature parity between Windows and other platforms. ®


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