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DBM Cloud System 'M' man identified

Startup DBM Cloud Systems, was started up by “D” - ex-Violin COO Dixon Doll, “B” - Violin co-founder Jon Bennet, and a third, mystery man contributing the “M” in the name.

We speculated it was Jeffrey Morrison, SVP for international sales. Close, but no cigar. It's actually another ex-Violin exec. “M” is Jon Murphy and his LinkedIn profile says he is the third man, and is SVP for go-to-market stuff at the startup. Murphy’s CV includes a stint as VP for corporate development and alliances at Violin, with stints at Virident and Fusion-io before that, and EVault before them. We understand he once brokered an alliance deal between Violin and IBM. This deal collapsed when IBM bought Texas Memory Systems in 2012. Apparently he set up a Dell-Violin alliance but it did not take off. Murphy left Violin in February 2015, a year after Kevin DeNuccio became Violin CEO. ®

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