123-Reg goes TITSUP – again


Updated It seems the wheels of 123-Reg's clown vehicle have fallen off once again. The UK-based web host's website is out of action and customers are reporting a lack of email access.

One reader got in touch to say: "Over the past month or so the email service offered by 123-Reg has been up and down and very poor for this small company I have been trying to support, 123.reg twitter is awash with complaints with email problems but no explanation has been offered? is this an email server upgrade gone wrong?

"After problems with them deleting servers back in April it would appear something is very wrong at 123? It'd be good if someone at the register could get an answer."

123-Reg customers is not exactly a stranger to periodic service outages.

Its biggest blunder was in April, when 123-Reg was forced to fling six months' free VPS and backup recovery services as a sweetener.

That was after the biz 'fessed up to customers that a script containing a catastrophic error had taken down at least 67 of the company's 115,000 servers and consequently knocked hundreds of websites offline.

Twice in May the biz was busy fixing its email systems – after some customers were unable to access their messages.

Customers wearily took to Twitter once again:

The Register has asked 123-Reg for a comment. ®


If you're wondering about the headline: Total Inability to Support Usual Perf. Perf. Per...

Updated to add at 1305 UTC

123-Reg has since been in touch to explain the outage was caused by a DDoS attack.

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