Microsoft takes five months to replace broken patch

System Centre's Windows Server Operating System MP was bad at recognising disks

Microsoft has issued a replacement for a buggy release of Windows Server Operating System MP, code that underpins efforts to proactively monitor Windows Server.

The last version - 6.0.7303.0 – should have been innocuous. But users quickly noticed lots of problems, especially regarding recognition of disk clusters, leading Microsoft itself to issue a recommendation that you not install the software.

That was back in late February 2016. On July 27th, Microsoft quietly released it's completed version version 6.0.7316.0 and on August 2nd announced its existence to the wider world.

That's just over five months between warning users to avoid an update like the plague and fixing it.

The bugs appear to have been caused by Windows Server 2016's Nano edition. Past versions of Windows Server Operating System MP monitored physical CPUs. The 6.0.7303.0 release considered logical processors, in part to help monitor Nano Server instances. But that change broke other parts of the code.

Microsoft says those issues are fixed in the 6.0.7316.0 release. ®

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