Speaking in Tech: Thousands audition, millions vote.... One wins. It's Podcast Idol

Why? It looks like someone is saying goodbye


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This week Greg returns to our weekly tech-cast just as one of the co-hosts has decided it is time to move on. This week we discuss private equity and HPE, Oracle and NetSuite, being “the man” and some tearful goodbyes.

The details…

  • (1:00) The bitch is back
  • (6:35) Podcast feedback
  • (10:00) Getting hitched
  • (16:37) Could private equity snag HPE?
  • (20:12) Oracle scoops up NetSuite
  • (22:26) Kaspersky wants to make you “the man”
  • (26:16) XtremIO co-founder making changes
  • (28:50) Goodbye: One of the hosts is leaving
  • (34:21) The exit interview
  • (42:00) Finding a podcast host replacement: Podcast Idol
  • (44:44) Final goodbyes

Listen with the Reg player below, or download here.

Speaking in Tech: Episode

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