Continuous Lifecycle 2017 call for papers is open

Get on stage with us on May 17 to 19, 2017

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Continuous Lifecycle is coming back to London next May, and it’s time for you to play your part by responding to our call for papers.

We’re looking for conference presentations and all-day workshops that span the full range of agile, DevOps, application lifecycle management, CD and container technologies and methodologies.

With 40 talks over two days as well as a day of workshops, “big ideas” and visions are just the starting point.

We want to know how you’ve applied cutting edge tools, technologies and methodologies to real world problems. It doesn’t matter if you achieved your original goal or not, as long as you learned something on the way, and the audience learns something from your experience.

If you’ve put containers into production at a major enterprise, we’d love to hear about it. If you’ve successfully reinvigorated your company by applying DevOps principles to a mainframe-centred infrastructure, we’d love to talk. And if you’ve gone from an 18-month release cycle to pushing out updates weekly, and made your team happier in the process, what are you waiting for.

The deadline for papers is November 30, and our programme committee will chew through the submissions and have a draft program by the beginning of January. And if you’re on the schedule, you get free entry to the conference.

Full details of the event, including the call for papers procedure are here. And if you're wondering what this year's event look life, go here. ®


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