Microsoft: You liked Windows 10 so much, you'll get 2 more in 2017

No new features until then, apparently

Microsoft is planning two releases of Windows 10 in 2017.

The giant has said there will be no new features coming for the rest of 2016, so the plan is for “two additional feature updates” in 2017.

Microsoft folded the news inside the overall headline grabber on Windows 10 Anniversary Update on August 2.

There were no more details over what the Windows 10 duo would feature.

It’s reported here, however, that an update for Windows 10 called Redstone 2 that had been due for this year had been pushed into spring 2017.

Redstone is reported to contain features that didn’t make it into the Anniversary Update.

In its blog, Microsoft conceded that “based on feedback from organisations moving to Windows 10”, Anniversary Update would be this year’s last update.

Before the Windows-as-a-service model with Windows 8 and Windows 10, October was the time when new versions of Windows were released.

In previous years, the release was orchestrated to hit the new PC channel and make the market in time for the US Thanksgiving and the Christmas holiday shopping period – once the busiest time of yearfor PC vendors.

The delay would almost certainly help on the consumer front, as home users begin to potentially digest Anniversary Update.

To the same extent, it could likely help in Microsoft's goal of the further addition of Windows 10 in the enterprise, which typically lags release dates by up to two years. ®

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