PCs’ PCs pwned: Irish cops probe mystery malware attack

En garde, An Garda

External attempts to hack into the IT systems of the Garda Síochána prompted a temporary shut down of several Irish police systems last week.

Details of the attack are so far sketchy but reportedly involve a new strain of malware. UTV Ireland reports the attack took place on Thursday and involved “zero day” malware.

In a statement supplied to the Irish Independent, An Garda Síochána said: "(After the threat was recognised) heightened security procedures were implemented and standard protocols were enforced across all Garda ICT environments to limit any effect on our systems.

"Working with security experts the threat was identified and an appropriate solution was implemented across all Garda Siochana ICT systems."

Irish Police added that no sensitive data had been compromised as a result of the cyber assault, Irish broadcaster RTE adds.

Malware causing disruption to police systems is rare but not unprecedented. For example, Greater Manchester Police temporarily suspended access to national systems back in 2010 following an outbreak of the Conficker worm. ®

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