HPE's NVMe over fabrics

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HPE has signalled it's focussed on having 3PAR arrays support NVMe at both drive and connectivity levels.

An HPE blogger says: "We are actively working with our partners on incorporating NVMe into our current and next-generation platforms. This includes efforts around the front end with RDMA and FC, as well as the back-end fabric where we are looking to introduce NVMe in conjunction with storage class memory technologies (such as HPE Memristor or Intel 3D XPoint) as a means to accelerate highly dense flash configurations while paving the way to a fully NVMe-based back end for the next generation of 3PAR StoreServ storage."

That means HPE joins Apeiron, Dell/EMC's DSSD, E8, Excelero, Kaminario, Mangstor, Pavilion Data Systems and Tegile in developing and delivering NVMe drive and connectivity support. Bring it on, HPE. ®


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